About Us

“changing the world starts by changing yourself”

- Ali Amini

Get Set Achieve was founded by Ali Amini. With over 15 years of experience in small, medium and corporate business environments, Ali is qualified and certified Results Coach. Throughout his career, he has inspired many individuals to achieve their personal and business goals through approved disciplines. He has also coached sales and customer service teams by applying various methods that inspired them to change their mindset towards achieving organisation’s objectives.
Ali recognises we need a coach when we are under pressure to meet demanding deadlines of work, family and other commitments to keep us focused and on track. As a father of 3 beautiful children, he felt this pressure when working full time and trying to make time for family. He then applied a number of disciplines that changed his mindset towards work and life altogether that lead to the establishment of Get Set Achieve based on the following values.
Get Set Achieve About

Work with Ali

By working with Ali as your certified Results Coach, you will be empowered to achieve your desired results through professional coaching methods and techniques. What’s more; Ali will work closely with you to keep you accountable so that you remain focused on achieving your goals. Therefore after each inspirational coaching session, we will agree on an action plan to keep you on track and focused. Your progress will be discussed at the beginning of each following session. Ali has been professionally trained and coached by Australia’s renowned Ben J Harvey, Author, and founder of Authentic Education. Ali has inspired many individuals to change their mindset and develop self-discipline to transform their lives and achieve their personal and business goals.

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