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Posted on 18th, Aug 21

Every day you hear from coaches about changing your mindset, goal setting, success and so on, but sometimes this causes a little confusion for some people as most associate coaching with sports. Coaching is a growing industry that according to International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Study in 2019 is estimated over $2.5 billion and according to PwC, coaching industry was the 2nd fastest growing industry after Information Technology. As such, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon to make a career in the industry that soon is likely to be fully regulated.

But what does a coach really do?

International Coach Federation defines Coaching as “a thought provoking and creative process that inspires a client to maximise their personal and professional potential.”

While coaching sometimes seems like stating the obvious; working with a professional coach involves a lot of work that goes behind the scenes in order to shifting a client’s mindset towards achieving their desired results.

A professional coach won’t tell you that to be healthy; you got to lose weight and exercise, to be wealthy; you have to work hard and save some money or invest… You already know all that. Everyone knows that to be fit you must work out, to be rich you must work hard to make more money etc…

As a matter of fact, it will be for you to tell your coach what you want to achieve, what is stopping you from achieving it and what you really need help with. A coach is not an advisor, nor she or he is a councillor. However, if you seek clarity on which direction to take, then a Results Coach could help you with that. Results coaching is a coaching method that is a science backed method that helps you with getting your results in the fastest way possible. It will also help you get clarity on your priorities when you feel like overwhelmed by thoughts, emotions, ideas; and overcome limiting beliefs and build life changing habits.

What a results and mindset coach does is; first is to listen to their client’s ambitions to align herself or himself to client’s goals; that is to enter a client’s skin so that they fully understand where the client is now and where they want to get to.

How is coaching delivered?

There are different delivery methods for coaching, and they can be very flexible from one-on-one to group sessions and from face-to-face to over the phone and video conferencing. The most important element of coaching is the method the coach will use to empower a client. The foundation of coaching is based on trust between both coach and client, a commitment by client to stick with the coaching programme and to complete the agreed tasks and finally on a process that empowers and evaluates to ensure high quality and timely results.

In my coaching method, I use a process that consists of a pre-assessment to find out if my programmes are suitable to the client’s needs and whether the client is at a stage ready for transformation. Then each session is reviewed and assessed against the agreed action points and the client is contacted between sessions. This process, I found to be very efficient in holding the client accountable to take every small step as agreed to get them to their bigger goal, and I also discovered that the clients usually appreciate such persistence as an added value. According to a survey by International Coach Federation (ICF), clients reported drastic improvements in different areas such as interpersonal skills 71%, communication 72% and relationship 73% after coaching sessions that set small goals.

So, what is exactly the difference between a coach and a mentor?

A mentor is usually someone who has achieved certain level of success in a field; who then passes his expertise and learning to someone else; called mentee. This process usually happens on one-on-one basis. For example, a successful entrepreneur who has achieved a high level of success in setting up and selling online businesses taking on an ambitious and dedicated individual trying to become successful in the same field of business; through a formal or informal programme to mentor the novice to make it big.

There are many reasons why you need a coach; however here are my top 3 reasons why you need one right now:

  1. You’re overwhelmed

A lot of my clients come to me to seek clarity and direction on their ambitions. It’s exciting when you think of a new project; for example, launching your own online business. You set yourself a goal around this, but before you get to do anything; you get overwhelmed by ideas around this business, such as the nature of the business, the brand, the running costs, the packaging design, marketing and so on. Before you know it; it seems like you have a million task to complete or at least to think of; before you could even start. This stage is exciting yet critical which can frustrate some people and most get confused, stressed, and end up procrastinating and eventually are put off by their own ideas.

According to William Welch, an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach at William Welch Coaching: “stress is caused when you lose balance between demands and your resources”. That is when you are not sure how to handle or handle a demanding task; you get stressed that could even impact your health negatively. Having a results coach by your side can help you get clarity on your top priorities so that you remain focused and get everything done in order.

  1. You’re stuck

People could get stuck in the past or in present. Being stuck in the past is usually linked to emotions attached to an event or experience. This serves as a trauma that can cause limiting belief that could hold you back, potentially for the rest of your life.

Being stuck in present means you cannot move on with your future and ambitions and goals. It is great to enjoy the moment; however, as Thomas Carlyle noted: “a man without a goal is a ship without a rudder”. Everyone is required to have a goal and a sense of direction in life. While having a purpose (material or spiritual) is the ultimate destination we are aiming at; having a goal and direction towards your purpose brings meaning to life, hence a need for a life coach who can help you get unstuck so that you work on what matters to you now and in the future. According to IBISWORLD, life coaching is worth over $1 Billion, yet according to another study by International Coach Federation (ICF), over 80% of clients reported they improved their self-esteem and confidence thanks to coaching.

  1. You want to change your habits/behaviour

When you want to change a habit such as quitting smoking, going to bed earlier at nights, eating less, sleeping less or when you decide to develop a positive habit such as exercising more, reading more, working on your personal development and so on; then a coach can help you work on your mindset to achieve the results you are seeking.

Changing a habit can be hard although it may seem easy at some point when you try changing it. The difficult part is falling back into the same old habits after a few conscious attempts.

The above 3 reasons listed apply to personal and professional life. Fears, trauma, limiting beliefs and bad habit affect professional life and business affairs as badly as personal life. According to a study by Value Selling Associates, one of three high performing companies have coaching programme in place for their executives and salespeople. According to another study by International Coach Federation in 2009, over 62% of coaching clients improved their career opportunities due to coaching. As coaching methods vary, there are different aspects of coaching that can help you achieve your goals depending on your circumstance be it personal or in business arena. A coach will also hold you accountable so that you work towards achieving your goals.

A great way to maximise on the empowerment you get from a coach is by working on changing your mindset and building self-discipline towards success. This will allow you to revolutionise your life in all aspects of it rather than just achieving a goal. By “revolutionising your life” I mean to create an identity that is based on a solid purpose; goal focused and success oriented. Therefore, when choosing a coach; you got to find out if the coach you will hire will help you achieve your goal you are working on, or will she or he help you transform as a person so you are empowered to take on any challenges in all aspects of life.


“Ali Amini is a certified RAPID Results Coach and Founder of Get Set Achieve”

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