Business Coaching

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”

- Napoleon Hill

At Get Set Achieve, Ali’s Business Coaching method is results oriented. Whether you would like to focus coaching on business executives, teams or an aspect of the business, Ali will help you maximise your personal and professional potential.

Who do I work with:

Business owners:

Most people set up their own business with a view to:

  • Having financial freedom
  • Being independent and not to answer to others
  • Having more time for themselves or family

But most people fail to achieve these goals for a number of reasons, such as:

  • No proper and clear plans and strategies in place
  • Hiring wrong people or relying just on family support
  • Miscalculating timelines for achieving milestones
  • Lack of leadership experience
  • Sudden growth and being overwhelmed by it

If this is you, Get Set Achieve can help you. Check out our Coaching Packages.

Family owned businesses:

Most business owners who involve family with the business; mostly save on staffing, but they lose out on family time. Day in, day out, they get caught with business affairs so much so that the business falls in the way of family life. This leads to a sense of guilt for not being able to spend time with kids, not going on holidays etc.

At Get Set Achieve, Ali can help you draw a line between business and personal life so that everyone involved leads a balanced life with clear goals and objectives.

Mindfulness for workplace:

If you would like to transform your sales and customer service teams’ mindset so that they are able to manage work pressure and remain focused and disciplined to achieve their goals within tight timelines, get in touch with us.

At Get Set Achieve, Ali’s method is simple. Let us know of your objectives and find out how Ali’s inspirational results coaching method could be well customised to suit your objectives.

Why Choosing Ali As Your Results Coach?

By working with Ali as your certified Results Coach, you will be inspired to achieve your desired results through professional coaching methods and techniques. What’s more; your coach’s role is to keep you accountable so that you remain focused on achieving your goals. Therefore after each inspirational coaching session, you will agree on an action plan to keep you on track and focused. Your progress will be discussed at the beginning of each following session. Ali has been professionally trained and coached by Australia’s renowned Ben J Harvey, Author, and founder of Authentic Education. Ali has coached many entrepreneurs and small business owners to manage their business while keeping work life balance and remain focused on achieving their goals.

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