Life Coaching

"The two most important days in life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

- Mark Twain

What is Life Coaching?

International Coach Federation defines Life Coaching as “a thought provoking and creative process that inspires a client to maximise their personal and professional potential.” At Get Set Achieve, you will enter into a professional coaching relationship delivered by a certified Results Coach, Ali Amini. That means if you decide to choose a coaching programme with Ali, you will enter into a professional agreement that outlines each party’s responsibilities.

When do I need a Life Coach?

The short answer is when you need someone to keep you highly motivated and accountable so that you remain focused to achieve your goals. However there comes a time in our lives when we ask ourselves the most important questions “what do I want out of life? Why am I here?” and get overwhelmed by ideas, dreams, plans and changes that we want to implement, but suddenly get stuck in the moment, not knowing where to start. This leads to procrastination and, as time passes by; nothing gets done.

Coaching can help you get clarity on what you want to achieve first. At Get Set Achieve, your Results Coach, Ali will help you break through limiting beliefs that hold you back, apply disciplines to get rid of unwanted habits, build new habits that will help you achieve your goals and transform your life. The topics that will be covered in our inspirational coaching programmes in support of your goals include but not limited to:

  • Goal setting
  • Self-discipline to set priorities
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Finding your values
  • Time management
  • Mindfulness
  • Changing attitude and mindset
  • Rewiring your brain to replace unwanted habits with new ones

Choose from a range of coaching packages to suit your goals

How is Life Coaching delivered?

Each coaching session lasts but (where possible or needed) not limited to 1 hour. The focus remains on you to achieve your results. Coaching sessions may be delivered over the phone, via a video call or face-to-face meetings where possible (and if desired).

Discovery session

This is the first meeting (over the phone) when we discuss the results you want to achieve, any progress made so far and what is stoping you moving forward. As it is absolutely vital for your coach to align themselves to your goals by visualising your desired results; therefore we will go through the basics first so that we fully understand your goals. We may agree on some action steps if you decide to sign up to one of our coaching packages.

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